Roasted goose liver Foie Gras

with caramelized appels and dry prunes with port wine sauce served with toast

249 Kč

Beef carpaccio

interspersed with basil with parmesan shavings, arugula and toasted bread

215 Kč

Beef tartare

with quail egg and toast from homemade bread

219 Kč

Roasted poultry liver

on shallots, red wine and herbs with homemade pastries

169 Kč

Homemade liver pate

with wild cranberries and homemade bread

159 Kč


Soup of the day

79 Kč

Beef broth

with liver dumplings, noodles and vegetables

79 Kč

Homemade "kulajda"

with mushrooms, dill and poached egg

89 Kč

Traditional Cuisine

200g of meat, unless otherwise stated

Spicy pork ribs

served with mustard, grated fresh horseradish and our pastries

325 Kč

Roast duck leg

with stewed red cabbage and potato blocks

269 Kč

Boar sirloin in cream

with bread dumplings and cranberries

275 Kč

Homemade “halušky”

with smoked meat, sauerkraut and fried onions

189 Kč

Main dishes

200g of meat, unless otherwise stated (recommended sidedishes are charged separately)

Pork cheeks on root vegetables

with gingerbread sauce, stewed cabbage and homemade potato gnocchi

345 Kč

Pink duck breast with cherry ragout

served with potato scones

369 Kč

Grilled pork tenderloin

with mushroom sauce with a drop of cream and sauteed potato chips

325 Kč

Grilled beef flap steak (medium rare)

with truffle sauce and roasted sweet peas and potatoes

535 Kč

Veal spider

with rosemary potatoes and pepper sauce

395 Kč

Gnocchi and risotto

preparing homemade pasta and potato gnocchi

Creamy Italian parmesan risotto Carnarolli

239 Kč

Creamy Italian parmesan risotto Carnarolli

with filleted chicken breast

285 Kč

Homemade gnocchi with pork tenderloin

roasted mushrooms, cream sauce and parmesan shavings

259 Kč


Perch fillet

served on grilled ratta vegetables with Holiday sauce

395 Kč

other fish and seafood according to daily menu


Grilled goat cheese on a bed of beets

with mixed salad and honey dressing with walnuts

259 Kč

Caesar salad

with grilled chicken breast, bacon, parmesan and homemade croutons

255 Kč


Raspberry tiramisu with white chocolate shavings

145 Kč

Chocolate fondant with cherries and vanilla ice cream

169 Kč

Homemade poppy seed ice cream, cinnamon - 1 scoop

49 Kč

Sorbet according to the offer - 1 scoop

45 Kč

Vanilla ice cream, chocolate -1 scoop

39 Kč